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VITRC e-Learning Options For Faculty And Students

With significant development in various technologies over the past decade including the increased utilization of the Internet, e-Learning technologies have provided faculty and students with significant resources to facilitate teaching and learning resulting in improved student outcomes.

By clicking on one of the buttons on the left, you will be directed to that VITRC e-Learning option. Please note that to login to BlackBoard you will need a previously assigned user name and password.

There are a number of streaming videos available to faculty and students without the need to have a valid username and password. Please click on Faculty/Students Streaming Videos to view your options.

Various LTU Departments conduct Webcasts (live audio and video) throughout the year to inform, instruct and provide orientations. Please click on the LTU Webcast Schedule at your convenience for webcasts that may benefit you.

VITRC’s Video Conferencing e-Learning option allows students to take classes closer to their homes while at the same time having live audio and video access to their instructor. Please click on About Video Conferencing Classes to see what courses are being offered by LTU using this “medium“.

We hope you enjoy using these new technologies. If you have any questions, comments or requests for e-Learning courses, please send an e-mail to