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About Live Video Conferencing Classes

Thanks to the generosity of the Denso North America Foundation, the Southfield Campus of Lawrence Technological University has a video conferencing classroom (T221). This classroom, the Denso Instructional Technology Lab, has the capability to connect to one or more academic institutions and businesses locally (within Michigan), nationally or internationally. LTU has conducted video conferences with academic institutions in Brazil and Mexico.

The video conferencing connection allows for live and interactive audio and video thus allowing participants at each site to simultaneously see and hear each other via TV monitors or a large computer projection screens.

There are over 100 two and four year academic institutions and a number of businesses within Michigan that have video conferencing classrooms including the Macomb University Center. Businesses also use this technology to conduct meetings for their employees throughout the world.

Video conferencing classes are indicated in the schedule of classes with a “VC” in bold.


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