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Streaming Video Services

The Veraldi Instructional Technology Resource Center (VITRC) is pleased and excited to offer a variety of streaming video training courses for faculty, staff and students.

The audio/video streaming services are used to promote the University's missions of instruction, and public service. Currently, the services involve streaming formats of Real Media (RM) and upon special request, streaming can also involve Windows Media format. These services will evolve with changes in technical directions of streaming media.

Request for Service
It is advised to request recordings at least two (2) weeks prior to event. Requests will be scheduled on a “first come” basis; however, VITRC will make every effort to accommodate reasonable requests.

University Usage
The following may use this service to provide streamed content and are classified as "owners" of the streamed resource:

  • Departments within the University
  • University faculty and staff and university students with faculty sponsorship
  • Outside organizations when approved by the Director of VITRC

  • Access to Streamed Resources
    Video streams are accessible from VITRC website ( access is available to anyone with the appropriately configured Real Player

    Video streams can be incorporated within a Blackboard course, thus be available only to enrolled individuals.

    Appropriate Use Statement
    Appropriate uses of these streaming media services include, but are not limited to, aiding in access to higher education instruction, university events, student presentations, and training. The "owners" (faculty, staff and others responsible for the media) of the streamed resources are responsible for adherence to copyright laws and
    any applicable licensing terms. For more information, refer to the LTU Library resources page: Lawrence Tech TEACH Act Policy Statement

    VITRC does not monitor content; however, upon viewing, VITRC reserves the right to remove file(s) that violate any university policies and procedures and/or U.S. law upon consultation with the Legal Counsel.

    All videos are stored on the VITRC server. Video streams will be made available for two (2) semesters. At the end of that time, video streams will be backed up to external media (CDs, DVDs) and returned to the author and/or department unless a specific request is received by VITRC to have the stream maintained on the server
    for a longer period of time.

    Minimum Technical Requirements
    Minimum requirements include a 56 K Modem and RealOne Player software. To ensure that you are using the current version of RealOne Player, click on the free download link and follow the instructions, (RealOne Player free download for MAC OS X Please Click Here.) Make sure you complete the process including registering with your email address. Once downloaded, minimum computer requirements for RealOne Player are:

    64 MB RAM
    Internet Explorer 5.0 or later
    Windows 98/2000/ME/XP

    We hope you enjoy using this new technology. If you have any questions, comments or requests for future training, please send an e-mail to To access your course, click on the appropriate button in the navigation bar to the left.